Jane is a Canadian artist residing in Calgary, Alberta. She is recognized by her vividly colourful oil paintings on large canvases.

Through her creative journey, Jane has explored diverse subject matter from landscapes, to animals to abstracts to human beings, using vibrant colours, dramatic textures and bold strokes.

Jane creates a sense of “voice” emerging from the visual piece as she connects the viewer to the deeper story of the subject or the environment. 

Jane has studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design and with a number of private art mentors. She experiments with various styles depending on the feel she is trying to create in the piece. 


Artist Statement


I am on a creative journey of growth, sovereignty, elevation and love. I am a forever student of life always searching for deeper awareness and understanding of my own creativity as well as the universal creative spirit. 

I look for the beauty in everything and everyone and channel the spirit of my subjects and environments into each piece.  I believe we have the power to mentally shape our experience by what thoughts we allow to take seed in our minds.

I therefore choose to focus my work on the strength, passion, courage and grace of my subjects to inspire the viewer to embody these emotions.  My art is continually evolving, transforming and adapting as the twists and turns of my life path stimulate new growth and understanding.  Art is the language that I use to express not only my own story but my observations of the world around me.